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Godalming College's
Work It Up Exhibition

Welcome to...


Godalming College are proud to present a multi - disciplinary exhibition to celebrate the work of Art Staff & Alumni.

'Work It Up' is a catchphrase well known in the department to anyone taught by Curriculim Leader, Dan Fooks. It is good advice and reminds students to persevere and keep going in the hope that something worthwhile might emerge! It is in that spirit that Art staff have continued to develop their own Art over the years. They practice what they preach and reinforce the department's belief that everyone can be an artist...even teachers! 'Work It Up' is a celebration of work from Art Staff & Alumni. 

Gallery Tour

Above: Pottery by Dawn o'Toole and Kate Dimmock

To kick off our exhibtion...

We had a private viewing hosted by The New House art space exhibiting work from Godalming College staff and alumni students.

We had a wide range of talented student alumni exhibiting work, the majority of whom are now pursuing degrees within the creative arts.

With speeches, free drinks and over 120 attendees (who kindly helped us with raising money for the DEC Earthquake Fund and FISCH), the Guildford community was beautifully brought together in appreciation for the talent of Godalming College alumni and staff.

Thankyou for donating. 

Above Right: Short film "Love Thy Onion" by Josh Johnson-Pryke


Above: Plaster sculptures by Dan Fooks

Above: Indigo dyed stitched cotton by Saadet Payne

Above: Oil pastel, oil paints and charcoal on board by Emma Stepney

Above: Untitled by Kate Dimmock

The gallery...

Was then open for public viewing from Wednesday 22nd February to Sunday 26th February. With help from staff and student volunteers we were able to keep the gallery open and running to encourage Guildford locals to keep the Guildford art scene thriving. 

Above: Flower stems in glass bottles by Cesca Molly Thorne


Above: Mixed media collages by Belinda Goodman, Textile pieces by Charlotte Bull

Above: 'Grief' by Elizabeth Williams and 'Prospectus' by Libby Higgins

Left: Mixed media pieces by Georgie Jeffries







Our exhibition...

Featured a wide variety of art mediums ranging from film to weaving, and everything in between! It was brilliant to see the enthusiasm of our artists conversing with the viewers of the gallery about their works. A perk of keeping our artwork local, is that attendees got the chance to meet the artists and learn more about their approach to creating and their artistic concepts. 

Above: Plaster sculptures by Dan Fooks

Above: Oil and acrylic paintings on mixed surfaces by Sophie Giles

Check out our wonderful exhibitors:

Jenny Alexander 

Elaoise Benson (@ebenson_art)

Charlotte Bull (

Ellie Coleman

Armand Cordero (@armandcordero)

Kate Dimmock

Millie Dimmock

Dan Fooks 

Sophie Giles (@sophiegilesart)

Belinda Goodman

Daniel Greeney

Nicole Harman Smith

Katie Hickey (@katiehickeyillustration)

Libby Higgins (@libbymabelhiggins)

Molly Hyatt (@mollylouisetextiles)

Georgie Jeffries (@georgiejaydesign)

Gill Jenkins

Josh Johnson-Pryke (@kettle_josh)

Sarah Markbreiter (@sarahmarkbreiter)

Sinead Merry (@formedandadorned)

Lewis Mulrennan-Cook

Amy Musgrave (@aemusgrave)

Dawn o'Toole (@earthwheelandfire)

Saadet Payne

Luke Spooner (@carrionhouseillustration)

Emma Stepney (

Dacia Swanson (@deedeeswan)

Freya Thompson (

Cesca Molly Thorne (@cescamollys)

Victoria Way (@tillyandpickle)

Jude Weir (@judedominicweir)

Ruby Whittaker (@filmbygirll)

Elizabeth Williams (@artbyliz132)

Sophie Youngs (

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